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• Doing what I am supposed to do
• Always doing my best
• Being accountable for my actions


• Being kind to myself, others and

the environment
•  Helping others in need
• Being forgiving

Self Discipline 

• Practicing self-control
• Setting goals and working toward them
• Striving for personal improvement


• Telling the truth
• No cheating or stealing
• Being trustworthy


• Using good manners, not bad language
• Being considerate, honoring the feelings of others
• Dealing peacefully with anger, insults,     and disagreements 


• Being reliable: doing what I say I’ll do
• Having the courage to do the right thing
• Building a good reputation

The committee is working together to: 

. Inspire the Pleasanton community  to take responsibility for their choices and actions

. Motivate the Pleasanton community to make a difference in the world around them

. Recognize the Pleasanton community for modeling accepted Community of Character traits

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